Responsible lending practices

Stakeholder view and relevance to NAB

Our stakeholders are deeply interested in the policies and processes we have in place to make sure the loans we provide suit our customers’ needs and ability to repay, balancing economic growth with sound risk management.

Additionally, our 2016 materiality assessment has identified a sustained increase in interest in how we manage ESG risks in our lending portfolio, especially the impact of climate change on our customers.

How we are responding

  • We provided additional disclosure on how we prioritise positive customer outcomes in lending decisions.
  • We have continued to use the Net Promoter System to understand how our customers experience the products and services we deliver.
  • We removed product sales targets from fixed employee pay increases for frontline employees and branch managers.
  • We have continued to support our customers in strengthening their financial position – NAB home loans are, on average, almost 15 months ahead of their loan repayments.
  • We have met our regulatory obligation to limit investor segment lending growth to 10% per annum.
  • Continued to enhance carbon risk disclosure and provide environmental financing to assist the transition to a low carbon and green economy.
  • For more information, see the full 2016 Dig Deeper report.

ESG Risk Management

We’re always working to improve the way we deal with environmental, social and governance risk.

Value chain

How we manage our risks, opportunities and impacts throughout our operations. Learn more about how we work with our customers, people and partners.