Governance processes

Stakeholder view and relevance to NAB

The importance of good governance at NAB is always a high priority for our stakeholders – and this is especially true for our investors.

In our 2016 materiality assessment, there has been continued focus on NAB’s Board and Executive Leadership Team members. Stakeholders seeking information to understand how we make sure our leadership has an appropriate and diverse mix of capability, capacity and independence to support long-term value creation.

Additionally, our stakeholders are seeking information on how our governance processes embed a values-aligned culture and support ethical conduct.

How we are responding

  • Updated our Corporate Governance Statement – in line with ASIC guidelines – to provide greater detail on the skills and capabilities of our directors.
  • NAB’s executive leadership team was the first among our peers to sign up to the Banking and Finance Oath, which re-asserts the ethical foundation of the industry beyond regulation and compliance.
  • In May 2016, the Board determined that the payment of political donations should cease, with immediate effect Group-wide. The Group Political Donations Policy is available in the Corporate Governance section of our website.
  • For more information, see the full 2016 Dig Deeper report.

Corporate Governance

The NAB Group’s corporate governance framework plays a key role in supporting our business operations. It provides clear guidance on how authority is exercised within the group.

2016 Annual Review

Our 2016 Annual Review is an integrated report that allows us to demonstrate our commitment to create value for our stakeholders and provide details of our opportunities and challenges in realising value, as well as our strategies for the future.