Financial inclusion

Stakeholder view and relevance to NAB

For over a decade, NAB has played a significant role in supporting financial inclusion in Australia through our partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance.

Our materiality assessment has shown that stakeholders (especially employees, community and government partners) value the work we do to provide access to finance for those traditionally excluded from mainstream finance.

There is also great expectation on us to support our existing customers in times of hardship (whether it’s unemployment, medical or natural disaster related).

How we are responding

  • We have now assisted over 440,000 Australians with microfinance products and services since 2005 in partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance.
  • Provided over 23,000 loans in 2016 at a value of over $25.6 million across Australia and New Zealand.
  • We announced our commitment to open two new ‘Good Money’ stores – our first in Queensland – in Cairns and the Gold Coast in 2017.
  • Committed an additional NZ$50 million to our community finance program in New Zealand.
  • Launched the Financial Resilience Framework in partnership with the Centre for Social Impact. This research explores what it means to be financially resilient and examines the resilience of the Australian population. It is intended to support businesses, community organisations and government in decision-making.
  • For more information, see the full 2016 Dig Deeper report.

Our Priorities

Read about the work we are doing to build:

  • Financial inclusion and resilience
  • Social cohesion
  • Environmental wellbeing


We believe it’s important for all Australians to have financial opportunities. That’s why we offer loans and other financial help to people excluded from mainstream finance.