Diversity & inclusion

Stakeholder view and relevance to NAB

Our stakeholders expect us to support a diverse and inclusive workforce that is reflective of the communities we operate within.

This is seen as important for employees to reach their potential, to build relationships with our customers and to encourage innovation in the organisation.

Consistent with historical assessments, our stakeholders have identified gender pay equality and managing an ageing workforce as two key areas of interest for NAB to address in management and reporting.

How we are responding

  • We have continued to perform to our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (2015 -2017) – explicitly linked with the business strategy to ensure we deliver on the changing needs and expectations of customers and shareholders. The imperatives are inclusion, life stage and gender equality, enabled by leadership and flexibility.
  • 85% of NAB employees have reported they experience the culture at NAB as inclusive of them as a person through our annual employee engagement survey, Speak Up, Step Up.
  • The 2015 Gender Equality Benchmark report issued by the Workplace Gender Equity Agency (WGEA) shows an average 25.6% pay gap exists within NAB. This has reduced from 27.1% in the previous year and is sitting below the current industry average of 28.5%. This gap continues to reduce each year and the biggest thing we can do to further reduce this gap is increase the proportion of women in senior management roles.
  • 38% of roles in Executive Management are now held by women, against a 2016 target of 34%.
  • Find further information on what we are doing to support an inclusive workforce, see our full Dig Deeper report.

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Gender equality

We’re committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace and helping our women thrive at work.