Improving the customer experience

Stakeholder view and relevance to NAB

Our stakeholders recognise that getting the basics right for our customers is essential for NAB’s success. The need for innovation to meet changing customer needs is of increasing importance with our stakeholders.

This year’s assessment evidenced our passion for customers as employees viewed this theme as significantly more important than other stakeholder groups.

See our 2016 Annual Review for information on how we have made customer experience central to our business strategy.

How we are responding

  • Through the Net Promoter System, we continued to focus on measuring and improving customer advocacy. Although we have achieved the highest Net Promoter Score for our priority customer segments compared to peers, we know that we still have work to do.
  • We addressed over 100 customer pain points – specific initiatives to identify and resolve root cause problems for our customers – since 2014.
  • We invested in and created innovative offerings for customers through our NAB Labs and NAB Ventures teams.
  • Completed the roll out of the Personal Banking Origination Platform (PBOP) across NAB’s retail and call centre networks– improving the customer experience and reducing the processing time for personal loans and credit card applications. For more information, see the full Dig Deeper report.

2016 Annual Review

Our 2016 Annual Review is an integrated report that allows us to demonstrate our commitment to create value for our stakeholders and provide details of our opportunities and challenges in realising value, as well as our strategies for the future.

Value chain

How we manage our risks, opportunities and impacts throughout our operations. Learn more about how we work with our customers, people and partners.