Our Approach

Our approach to corporate responsibility

We want to make a positive and lasting impact on our customers, people, shareholders, communities, and the environment in which we operate. This is crucial to helping us achieve our vision of becoming Australia and New Zealand’s most respected bank.

Stakeholder engagement and materiality

Each year we conduct a formal materiality assessment. This helps us understand the broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes of highest importance to our stakeholders and that are connected with our ability to deliver our business strategy.


Themes identified using previous assessments, research and feedback.


Themes are prioritised through surveys, workshops, focus groups and interviews.


Analysis of survey results, internal consultation, leadership review.


Auditor review of relevance and completeness of disclosures. Stakeholder feedback provided on NAB’s reporting of material themes.

Our major prioritised themes

In 2016, our materiality process identified six major themes that are important to and influence our stakeholders, and are aligned with our ability to execute our strategy.

These themes remain consistent with our previous year’s materiality assessment. The importance of managing decreasing levels of trust in institutions – and the financial sector specifically – has emerged in importance to all stakeholders. This is reflected in the prioritised themes outlined below. There has also been a marked increase in the importance stakeholders place on having a values-aligned culture. They continue to seek greater transparency and have higher expectations in relation to our lending practices – both in delivering positive customer outcomes and managing ESG impacts of our business.

The six prioritised themes are presented below, click on the icon to learn more. We have also identified several areas of importance to specific stakeholders - including our employees, customers, investors and Non-Government Organisations. These additional topics have been listed below.

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Additional ESG themes