Nab Numbers

A snapshot of our 2016 performance

Performance indicators measure our progress and the impact of our business. The numbers below provide a snapshot of our 2016 performance. For detailed information including calculations, definitions and performance over time, see the ‘NAB Numbers’ section of the full 2016 Dig Deeper report.


Personal and business customers


People assisted with micro-finance products since 2005, in partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance


Group employee engagement score


Operating expenses to improve our business and supporting over 1,700 contracted suppliers


Female representation on Group subsidiary boards


Volunteering days contributed


Dividends paid to shareholders


Indigenous Australians employed as at 30 September


Community investment (calculated using LBG methodology)


In financing activities to support the transition to low-carbon economy


Priority segments Net Promoter Score


Total taxes paid in 2016

  1. Speak Up, Step Up survey conducted by Right Management.
  2. Dividends paid in FY16.
  3. Further information on how this total is calculated is provided in the full 2016 Dig Deeper report, and on the Climate change section of our website.
  4. Priority Segment Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple average of the NPS scores of five Priority Segments: Mortgage Customers, Debt Free, Micro Business (<$1m), Small Business ($1m-<$5m) and Medium Business ($5m-<$50m). The Priority Segment NPS data is based on six month moving averages from Roy Morgan Research and DBM BFSM Research. Net Promoter® and NPS® are registered trademarks and Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System are trademarks of Bain & Company, Satmetrix Systems and Fred Reichheld.
  5. Includes income tax, GST, FBT, payroll tax and other taxes borne by NAB.